Monday, 2 February 2009


Exhibition of work by lecturers at School of Art and Design Milton Keynes College. Bucks.

Collection of art work on Darwin.

This is my piece.

'Once upon a Time'

Its a silk textile piece, quilted and painted.

Looks like ceramic, but it really is fabric.

Its based on strata layers and has lots of fossils (including human bits) stitched into the silk.

The top panel has mobile phones and computors pictured - what will they find of us in a million years time?

The exhibition is on from end of Jan until the 29th Feb 09 and is at art-works, Great Linford, Milton Keynes.

Come along and see some excellent work by the good tutors at the college.


Sarah said...

I really like this-really interesting texture and theme. It doesn't look like fabric-makes me think of reptile skin-which kind of goes with the subject. Very interesting.

littlebitwired said...

It is really cool. I want to touch it... I think they frown on people like me...