Friday, 29 January 2010

Traveling Doll Project

Art Dolls Only members are doing a Traveling Doll project. There are 27 members making art dolls and sending them whizzing around the world to be clothed, decorated and just plain embelished - well I don't suppose there will be much plainness about them. They will be just amazing. Follow the dolls as they travel to different countries and States of the USA by having a gaze at the blog.
You'll love it and spend hours looking at fabulous art dolls and the artists that create them.
I am on Team Bambola with five other doll artists. Nancy, Abi, Lisa, Cindee and Paula. One from Canada and the others from the States. We will all be great penpals by the end of this project.
I have posted my doll

and my journal

that travels with her out today and can't wait for the postman to send me Nancys doll for me to work on.
Great fun !

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littlebitwired said...

It's a great blog Sally!Love the picture trail, I haven't got one of those. I'm really looking forward to receiving your doll. And your journals looks amazing! Can't wait to see it!