Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Journal Pages

I have been having a wonderful time creating journal pages in other peoples journals !
I am involved in the Travelling doll Project that is something members of ADO (Art Dolls Only) are participating in. We send around our doll and a journal to several other doll artists in various parts of the world. At the moment my Team - Team Bambola are on our second round. We are a large team of six, so it will take some time.
This is a strange experience- working my way into others books and of course adding to their tremendous art dolls.
So far I have filled 10 pages of Paula's journal and 10 pages of Lisa's book
Here is a sneak preview of some of the pages . Paula's journal first.

Pages from Lisa's journal.

I have added so much to the pages they are becoming so much fatter ! I do love layering and applying bit and pieces. I can't resist doing books like this.
Its important to tell them a bit about me and the place I live in and to let them know what makes me tick ! Colour, lots of it in all forms of medium - paint, pencil, dyed fabrics - got to add fabrics . I also like to add small things that I have made and surprises to make the girls smile - little mini bags that hold a post card that has been cut into jigsaw shapes - an embroidered brooch that I have created from novelty fabric - tiny books with covers made from scanned images of my real antique purses that I collect- oh lots of things go in my journals.Photos - torn papers, treasure from shops like Libertys of London. And then of course there is the ramblings of a 'just little bit crazy textile-oholic' who loves shiny bits .

If you click on the images they should enlarge so you can read the pages up close.
We don't get our journals back until the end of project ( about July/August so this really is a sneak peek for Team Bambola.
Enjoy !!!

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Kella said...

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