Friday, 12 March 2010

Paper Clay dolls

A quick post to tell you what fun I'm having using Paper clay for the first time. I'm using Creative Paper clay that I have purchased from lovely Lin at Altered elements.
I had a 16 oz block and managed to get 6 dolls from that amount, heads arms and legs, I'm doing cloth bodies on them. So mostly I have done clay over cloth but some I have made the arms and legs and head first and then attached by gluing and sewing the body on.

They take a short time to dry if you put them in the boiler cupboard . Then I painted with acyrlics nd vanished over the top to seal and protect the paint.

This is my first one , and I m now dressing her. I'm trying to get an aged effect and look , a bit like an Elizabethan doll.
freakylittledolls.blogspot has a great tutorial to follow for anyone wanting to start with paper clay.


Yve said...

Wow, Sally, you have been busy!!! It's kind of addictive though isn't it. Can't wait to see the Elizabethan gal dressed, is she getting a neck ruff? :o)

Kaerie Faerie said...

YAY, love a girl that likes to experiment! Really great dolls, they have a country primitive look, it is so wonderful
your fairy friend

littlebitwired said...

You did a great job with them. Now I'm all inspired to get my hands into some more paperclay. Too bad I'm at work.

Hay said...

Brilliant Sally, I need a 'distraction by shiny' break from my printmaking course. So, when youre ready we will get together and CREATE!!!