Friday, 30 April 2010

18th Century Inspired dolls

May I introduce the first of my 18th Century inspired Ladies.
I have had such pleasure creating these girls. Paper clay head, arms and legs and cloth bodies. Then dressing them in lovely old fabrics.

You may recognise the fabric here from my old mirror frame. The more I worked with this the more convinced I am that the embroidered silk is from the early to mid 18th century. But it was in tatters and rather than just keep it in a draw I decided to use it on her dress. I have backed it with new silk just to give it some body.

I will post some more pics later. And tell you how her skirt got sooooo burnt !!!


Kaerie Faerie said...

The doll is wonderful, love your art work, and fabrics

Yve said...

Cool! I love burning fabric to age it... as long as it's not synthetic... that just tends to melt and set the smoke detector off!!! :o)

Lisa J said...

Oh how your dolls!