Saturday, 3 July 2010

Antique Doll crib

Just a quick blog as I have to be up early tomorow to exhibit at the Kelham doll show ( known as the Kelham Double because it has dolls and dolls houses. Car is packed with art dolls and some antique ones to put on my stand. But wanted to show you all my antique crib that I have restored and refurbished ready for sale tomorrow.
It is an early 1930s Lloyd Loom crib on a stand. In fairly good condition considering its 80 years old. I lightly dabbed it with a chalky paint just to refresh it really because I didn't want to paint it up to look too new. I think its best to keep the 'age' to something like this. I put in a new matteress and covered it in velvet and made a silk pillow and quilt in keeping with the period. I added some beautiful antique lace trim to the pillow and the edges.
Suitable for a doll, either 'reborn' or a baby doll or a teddy. Health and Safety reasons today mean the cot is not really safe for a real baby.

I am rather pleased with the way it has turned out.What do you think?


Abi said...

I think it's beautiful.. you did a great, are you getting into the reborn thing? tee hee

Sally StitchyWooWoo said...

thanks Abi. No the 'reborn' baby is not for me. I prefer my Art Dolls !