Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts.

Knowing that Valentines is a long way off but that Christmas is just around the corner, I have been thinking about decorations. Hearts in particular.
Having American cousins and knowing how they love the UK I have been creating and making British Hearts !
With quintessential British sayings printed on they are the perfect gift for Brits abroad.

I have made several different kinds.

Group of Painted wood Primitive Hearts.

Group of Rustic Hearts

And softly stuffed fabric Primitive Hearts.

It has been fun thinking of all the very British sayings, some must be really strange to the non Brit. My dear husband and I have thought of some really rudey ones - but dare I ???? I just know that they would sell !!! But do I have the nerve ?
Anyway they are on etsy ( not the rude ones- although you could order some of those) if you want to have alook .
Choose your text and it will be in the post to you or to a friend far from home.

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