Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ruby Wedding

Today is my 40th Wedding anniversary. My Ruby Wedding !
Can't quite believe its been so many years married to my darling husband Trevor.
We have always been friends, always laughed at stupid things, never gone to bed on an argument,never left each other,( well never more than  for  a few hours),always said 'I love you' before we go to sleep, never messed around with anyone else,tried hard not to hurt the other one,always been generous with each other even when we couldn't afford it,always shared everything,  tried not to argue over money !!!!, shared interests, helped and supported each other though good and tough times.
Of course we both could have been done for murder several times in the last 40 years ( it hasn't always been perfect!-  I can very close once when I threw a heavy glass ashtray at him and it embedded itself in the wall and not in his head !!!!)
But after all these years we are still 'in' love with each other.

Oh and its also my 60th birthday today - yes we got married on my birthday - so he could never forget our anniversary !!!!!
Happy times to all xxxxxxx


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margaret said...

Congratulations Sally on both your anniversary and your birthday, 40 years you deserve a long service medal! Reading what you have said sounds like a wonderful partnership.
Like you I have just had a birthday but I reached the grand age of 65. I got my pension and bus pass when 60 but I think you will have to wait a while yet.