Saturday, 20 February 2010

Paula's Doll TDP

Travelling doll from Iowa, USA. Oh she has arrived with me. And she is absolutely gorgeous ! Paula Nerhus has created her from paper clay and cloth. Really ingenious construction. Love her. It really does make me want to have a proper go at paperclay over cloth. I have managed to get some Creative Paperclay from a company here in the UK and I haven't had time this week to play ! Shame! Will get around to it in the next few weeks and will keep you updated.
Anyway back to the doll ( I am going to name her, as its awful just calling her doll, she deserves more - deciding on a suitable name this weekend once I have put her hair on).
I have taken her out today and let her see interesting places near where I live. She has been to Stony Stratford and sat by the old Roman Road - Watling Street.

She asks if she can visit other faraway places. I tell her that we really can't go that far and anyway the Eurostar train is playing up and we might not get back in time !

So we went a few miles down the road to Buckingham and she visited the Buckingham Old Goal which houses the
museum with lots of local lace.

We had a nice wander around the old market town and she was admired by many local people.
Then she spotted a lovely old French chair outside the lovely flower shop called Moss and decided she needed a rest.

By the afternoon it was a sleepy doll that we bought home back to Stony. As we were walking in doors she eyed the bright Red Post Box opposite my house and rushed over to have her photo taken there.

Saying' I must send this one home to Mum'


littlebitwired said...

Looks like she's having a wonderful time!

Abi said...

Brilliant Sally!! bit of English culture - lovin it :O)

Mealy Monster Land said...

hahah. she looks like she is having a good time site seeing! fun post!

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Brilliant! Do yu live in SS? It's a long time since I was there (ex-Northants).

Hasn't she had a wonderful time - so good that you've been able to take her out and show her some lovely places!