Sunday, 7 February 2010

Procion Dying

Ever tried dying your own fabrics with Procion dyes?
It is great fun, you get a bit wet but end up with a pile of lovely coloured materials.
I had two days last week of playing with colour mixing.
It fun to select your fabrics,- I don't just choose white pieces but a mix of printed and coloured, as its interesting to see what happens with overdying these. The dyes work best on natural fibres , silks, cotton or linens ( for wool you need a different kind of dye). They don't work too well on man made fibres. But its good to select some fabrics that contain man made such as polyester or nylon as the dye will react on the cotton or silk and not on the poly so interesting results happen.

This is the easiest method - dying in a plastic bag from Helen Deighton. The mess is kept to a minimum using Helens techniques.

I love the dying and colour mixing bit but the rinsng is a real pain and takes ages!

But then the ironing bit comes and its much more fun than like doing the household stuff. The fabrics really come to life once they are all crisp and clean. The colours sparkle ready for you to use them in lots of textile projects. Mmmm will have to use some on my travellling doll.

Do try dying with Procion dyes, you will be pleased with the results.

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littlebitwired said...

I have never tried dying fabrics... haven't clue how to do so... maybe you could clue us in.. do a tutorial?