Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day out in London

Esther (my darling daughter) and I spent a great girly day in London yesterday and I thought I would share some of it with you.
We started with a visit to Kensington Palace the London home of Princess Diana and many Princesses before her. The Palace is undergoing building works and whilst this is going on they have transformed many of the rooms to a very surreal experience.

All of the furniture, paintings and real treasures have been removed and put in safe storage. And they have put in place lots of artists works and sprinkled magical dust over everything to produce a ‘show’. It’s so hard to describe – a bit Tim Burton meets Vivien Westwood!

Oh but beautiful or what. Visit the web site

And also the creators website

for a taste of what it’s like. It’s all so inspirational for us as textile and doll makers. I wish you could all visit it.
The palace is set in Hyde Park and its always amazes me that you can be in the centre of the busy capital and still find so much open space ! Of course Kensington High Street and Knightsbridge is just a foot step away, so lots of posh shopping as well. We went for lunch down the Kings Road and then bought some lovely shoes in one of the shops. I also popped into VV Rouleaux in Sloane Square for some gorgeous ribbons and velvet flowers (in that shop you spend a fortune and come out with the tiniest bag of trim, but so what)!

Next door is an amazingly beautiful shop that sells sparkly trinkets of fantasy.

Time for Tea!
Then it was time to go on the tube to Oxford Circus and a quick scout around Liberty’s to look at bags and scarves we couldn’t afford! But we did buy some shiny crystals in Swarovski. This shop is opposite Liberty’s and is a new outlet for makers, selling the components to make jewellery.
Bought ring and earring blanks and some wonderful crystals to make them. And some lovely bits to add to my ribbons from VV to make some brooches and to enhance the dolls of course.

Then it was a flying visit to the Food Hall in Selfridges to take home some foodie goodies for the dear husband who had been on his own at home all day.
All in all it had been a real Princessy day.

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