Friday, 4 June 2010

Ice Cream Handbag

I love handbags and purses! I collect them, use them and of course make them. I have over 200 in my collection mostly antique and vintage althought I do have the odd Lulu Gunniness and Versace. Sometimes I use my old ones for a special occassion and I am inspired by them to create them for myself and to sell. I always wonder when looking at my antique purses , who owned them ? what kind of woman was she ? what kind of life did she lead? was she happy with her lot and was it her favorite bag?
I have made purse framed bags and soft floopy ones and lots of tote bags. I have even made paper suitcases.

This week I wanted to make a bag from plastic containers so had a go using an old Carte D'or Ice cream carton - lid and all. Covering it with a fou fou of silk and chiffon I free machined stitched and quilted to my hearts content to create this very over the top purse.

Its across between a wonderous ice cream confection and a piece of Capi De Monti porcelain !

As to who would have owned this bag - Oh I think Marie Antoinette would have been very happy keeping her make up in this, don't you ?


Yve said...

Tee hee, you certainly would never guess it was an ice cream tub ;o)

Lady Artisan said...

Beautiful job! And I agree with Yve--can't tell it was ever an ice cream carton :D

littlebitwired said...