Saturday, 9 October 2010

little plastic Dress me up Doll.

Look what I found on my treasure hunt today.

She is lovely plastic doll from the Selcol toy company and was made in the late
1940's. She comes with various outfits to put on.
A beautiful full length gown, a siren suit, a winter coat, a summer dress and a pinafore dress.

In the box were three other dolls but unfortunatlythey have broken arms - so all in all I have 11 outfits ,one perfect doll, and three others, still with painted hair and features.

She really is a Doll !!!!


Rebecca said...

Hello Sally, thank you for following my blog! How wonderful to find your Selcol dolls - one is almost a twin for Miss Birdie, as her right arm is broken off at the same point. It's fascinating to see the different colours the clothes came in - and in your set it's much clearer that the pinafore dress has straps, so that's two differences from the Australian set of clothes - my frock has a collar and no straps.
I'll have fun looking at your blog now - thanks for finding and commenting on mine :-)

gail walker said...

Found your blog through creating the hive! Love the dolls! Also the vintage hankies. I don't see the image of mice in the sewing room but would love to! Have you tried scanning them and using the graphics in your work? It is great fun. Happy to share what I've learned about fusing recycle plastic. I will post a tutorial on the hive!