Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Transfer Printing. WooHoo.

WoW Weeeeee .... We have a new toy in the Textiles studio at college and today I got to play !!! It's a heat Transfer Press - all bright and shiny and just waiting to be played with.
Using transfer paints and crayons I applied some squiggles and dooddles
( mark making) to some polyester fabrics and then heat pressed on the new machine. Before we had to teach this with just a plain ordinary iron which works okay but you do get a better smoother image with a heat press which is hotter and of course the plate is bigger.

This one was done with transfer paints and some leaves used as a mask and then overprinted again to biuld up some layers. Love the colours that mixing and overprinting achieves.

This one is a sheet of painted paper with a paper bag print in the centre. Love cheap paper bags ( some work wonderfully and some just don't ! you just need to try) as they produce the most unexpected colours.

Hazel, from www.magpieandthimble.blogspot.com
who works with me at college, and myself had the most delicious time experimenting with the lovely new machine. We created a huge pile of samples for the students to learn from (all detailed with timing and temperature) in a range of different fabrics,- it works really well on cheap lurex and sequined material.

Then of course I couldn't stop playing once I got home from work. Husband had to cook dinner whilst I played with the fabrics on Photoshop , which I will print up on Ink Jet transfer paper and print again onto fabric another day soon.
Ink jet Transfer paper means that we can print images straight from the putor instead of painting so you get much more detail.

I will quilt up the two samples that I have bought home and machine stitch into them and make some book covers.
Check back to see how I do this.
Here are some of the images that I put into Photoshop and used the filter to achieve some incredible results.

Can't wait to print these now and then make more. It really is so complusive once you start. I just really like the transfer printing process, don't you ?

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Abi said...

Beautiful Sally!
I need to get inspired... think you've nailed it :O)