Saturday, 25 February 2012

Exhibition in The Netherlands

The etsy European Street team are organising a collaboration project and will assemble tiny 7cm x7cm squares of works of art made by etsy members from Europe. Here is my piece that I have made today.

And a close up.

It is strange working on such a small scale and difficult too for what I wanted to show. Its me and StitchyWooWoo - well with lots of artistic license !!!
I have used some old linen and free motion embroidery.

The main exhibition is here in March.

Keep your eyes open for more tiny patches of wonder from lots of European Artists.


Hay said...

I can confirm, it's a good likeness of you. lol

Deirdra Doan said... deserve to go to Fortuny's home..loving Sitiching as you do! It is worth going accross the Gudicca to the shop.

Call to make sure they are open..they are weird that way. They had closed his studio to the public....why is what I wanted to know. They decided people looking at it would cause damage...I just wished they would have put up a 1/2 glass or full you could see with out going in..

I hope you get to go..plan to just sit and feel the place...amazing.. Thanks for writing!

We come to the UK sometimes...We will do in Germany and maybe France this summer.

maisie sparrow's vintage pictures said...

Hi Sally,found your blog through stitching fingers, lovely needlework the dogs and cats are fab.Maisie.