Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Joy of Quilt Making !

Most Quilt makers at least once are asked the question 'What is the best bit of making a Quilt?'
There are of course as any quilt maker knows a number of processes to consider.
Designing- just what will it look like - who is it for ?,  selecting the fabrics- oh no matter how much stash we have - we still need to buy another bit.Cutting the pieces and then sewing the top ( hand or machine?) . Creating the back, one whole piece of a mixture ) where does the label go. Assembling the layers ( wadding in the UK and batting in the USA) Do you pin or do you tack?. Then the mammoth job of actually holding the layers together  with stitch - do you want the gentile pleasure of hand quilting or do you want the struggle of putting it under the sewing machine? 
I have the stages that I love and the ones I don't !!!!
But I deny any quilter to dispute that the 'best bit' is the BINDING. You know that you are there when you get to that bit !!!

Its nearly the end and you can start another one !!!!

I have made hundreds of quilts and  love the joy of the binding process. 
What's your best bit?


Quilter Kathy said...

I love everything about it, but must say that the binding is very exciting...to be almost finished is the best!

margaret said...

loved reading about your processes, can`t say what mine are as I have never made a quilt. I have purchased a jelly roll but do not have the confidence to start yet. However I have started my first CQ block so who knows where I will go from there!!
I do know I will enjoy the quilting best when I get going, by hand not machine.

Magpies Laundry said...

heh ... I love everything about quilting ... but the only good thing I can say about binding is that I know it means the quilt is nearly finished!! For me, it's the least interesting and most tedious part of the whole process!!