Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

Well what a wonderful Jubilee weekend we have all had here in the UK and the Commonwealth celebrating our Queens Diamond Jubilee. Wasn't that concert great and the very wet River Pagent ,parties in the parks, all  just amazing. The lighting of the beacons around the country and the whole world. And now the dedication and procession in London!
And of course the street parties just about everywhere.
Ours was just super on Saturday, the whole road of neighbours  coming together. A very full and fun day for us all.
Here is a lovely pic of the Ladies of Claremont Avenue, Stony Stratford,  all wearing the aprons I made for each lady of the house.
With thanks to Doug Blane for taking the photo.
Happy Jubilee to Her Majesty The Queen and best wishes and a quick recovery to Prince Phillip. 
God bless you all.

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margaret said...

such a fun time you had down your way, like you I throughly enjoyed the jubilee celebrations but only via my TV. So sad Prince Phillip was in hospital but pray for his quick recovery, please have him home for his birthday on sunday.