Tuesday, 10 September 2013

SAQA auction

Studio Art Quilts Association of which I am a member is an American organisation that promotes art quilts. Many great quilt artists are involved and lots of exhibitions are put on to expose quilts to the world.
Over the next few weeks they are having an auction to raise funds. Members were asked to create a small square to donate to the auction. Mine is for sale this week.
Take a look at the website and see some amazing small works of art in quilt form.

This piece is titled Art of Illunimation - roll on the floor laughing.
I admire the work of old illuminated manuscripts, the work involved in created the lettering and decoration. I wanted to create this in fabric but with a contemporary twist. I looked at how modern text is used in the form phone and email text - using abbreviations. I decided to mix this with the decoartion . As you will see in the work the text represents this.

Lots of tiny pieces of applied fabrics. Took ages to work but I feel I have captured the look of old book pages. The auction is like a Dutch auction and takes the form of getting less each day, so you could get a wonderful bargain if you are quick.
Several other pieces that I created in this series,although much bigger works are shown below.
This one shows an artist at work instead of a pen and book he has a mobile phone and computor on his work table.
Again lots of text with hidden meanings.
This other piece is in the same style.
For Your Information and In My Humble Opinion is all about linking the very old with the very modern !
Each motif is made of of hundreds of small pieces taken from printed commerical fabrics. Each quilts comprises of thousands of pieces all applied down on to background fabrics. All are free motion quilted.
Enjoy ! and happy bidding at the auction.


margaret said...

you really have caught the look that you were after, I knew where your ideas were from before I started to read all about it.

janice pd said...

These are wonderful. I've sent a link to a group who is doing an illuminated letter challenge so the members can see these. There is room in the group if you want to join. It is called Stretching Art and tradition in yahoo groups. It is international.

Sally Hutson said...

My piece sold to a lovely collector in Texas for $150. I had vsions of it not selling and being send back to me ! Thank you both for your super comments. Janice - I have joined the group.

deb-of-pixeladies said...

Oh yeah! Like Margaret said, I saw the illuminate manuscript before I read the description. Love your work!

Ulla's Quilt World said...

So lovely! Stunning! :)
Hugs, Ulla